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now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ music ] ♪ and if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew ♪ ♪ well you would see the biggest gift would be from -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- and the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. karl frisch from bullfight strategies. oh, there he is. look alive. heads up everybody. continuing right-wing world. i want to snuggle with this sound bite. steve doocy. >> main stream media is going to talk down romney's chance of winning. they are going to show mr. obama way up in the polls, so republicans go why even bother voting. >> stephanie: there we go again. reporting the actual polls, karl. >> did you assume for a minute that you could use numbers without being accused of being a liberal, and this is what the repu
with twizzlers the twist you can't resist. [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: all right. current tv world. another exciting thursday coming out. bill press jesse ventura, and dave mudcat suanders. and jacki is there something about that honey southern draw? is it me? >> i saw that too. was it lawrence o'donnell. >> stephanie: i don't know. >> yeah. >> stephanie: you and i are like political porn addicts. he was like make somebody punch him right in the mouth. and i was like oh, honey. talk dirty to me some more. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody. today it's president obama's turn to meet the candidates. yesterday mitt romney tried to do damage control at the same forum, saying he would be president for the 100% in spite being caught on camera saying there was 47% of the electorate that consider themselves victims. that secretly-reported tape also showed mitt romney saying he would be a better shot at being president if he were latino. when we spoke on the term immigration, he used the term illegal aliens. >> romney: with a few months before the election, he puts
♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. and attitude ♪ ♪ don't just stand there, let's get to it ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." current tv viewers will notice mike. he is everybody's favorite character here on wkrp. that means something has gone horribly awry when mike is leaning over my soldier. >> let's try this. >> stephanie: hello, good morning. >> which line do you want? >> stephanie: i don't care. >> dana in maryland. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: oh. hi. mike you can go now. >> caller: it was so nice to hear rebecca on the phone. >> stephanie: yes, she is filling in for t-bone. >> stephanie: i recorded and watched the show on friday. the stop it -- stop it. oh, my god, and you are right it didn't get old. it was hilarious, and the whole weekend on facebook my friends and i were like stop it. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we're like a scene from the help over and over again. >> caller: it was hilarious. last night i'm watching "60 minutes," and i wanted to bust through my tv because i get tired of the two-
rrenttv ♪ hanie miller. ♪ -- ain't that america, home of the free, yeah -- >> stephanie: and stephanie you are not supposed to wear the flag as clothing. >> stephanie: i'm not wearing it as clothing. >> who do you think you are andy hoffman? >> stephanie: okay. i apologize i was doing a little preshow skit with bill press. i did not mean to throw the flag on the floor. he was hitting me in the head with it. we have gotten calls, and i apologize apologize. it was all bill press's fault >> i got to admit, i was a boy scout and it made me flinch. >> stephanie: you still flinch every morning when i do this. so there were a couple of cans of beer on the podium. i'm guessing uncle joe. here is the love of my life and the life of my love. >> stephanie: the wtf moment. seriously -- there is going to be people mopping behind us. >> just like the closing moments of the carol burnett show. >> stephanie: carol burnett is going to go by with a mop in a moment. tom brokaw was all hopped on dolls. he took half an ambien. but out of abundance of caution -- i was like did i
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: all right everybody settled? mama's home, everybody. who forgot to feed the newswoman? she's wasting away. what did i say? there's pot roast in the freezer. give her one popsicle if she's good. are you all right? >> i am. are you? >> did you recover from your pneumonia? >> ehh. >> stephanie: iron lusk. i thought i had to detach a retina over the holidays. i went to the dnc. i went somewhere else incredible and apparently i started dating jodie foster. who knew. and guess what i spent most of my vacation doing? roland i were doing face time with jacki schechner. >> that's adorable. >> it is great when you just rolled out of bed you're not wearing any makeup and we're putting this on twitter. >> stephanie: we both have our professional on air voices and then we have our tired late at night voices. here she is in the current news center with her professional voice, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. president at going to spend the day in ohio today. he's got ev
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: yeah. the phone system works. all right. hello, current tv land jacki schechner my bff -- >> yes, darling? >> stephanie: >> stephanie: we were texting yesterday and you were not feeling well and i was concerned about you and you were concerned about me because i am a hot mess. i text chris last night, and i get a passive aggressive text back. >> she sent me an email at 10:30 thinking i was asleep and i would see her tomorrow and i caught her on her passive aggressive -- >> stephanie: and so he sent me a passive aggressive text back. >> good morning, everybody. president obama is going to address the nation in a little more from an hour now, and say the u.s. will do what it can to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. netenyahu has been pushing the president to draw a hard red line with tehran and president obama wants to exhaust all non-military options first. the president will talk about embassies around the world and how the u.s. will bing justice to those who harm americans. >> romney: he said the developments in t
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: look what time it is. >> i know right. >> stephanie: here is this classer f that is radio row. >> i was chatting with bill press. >> stephanie: i just caused a ruckus in security. and he said what does bt stand for? and i said bacon and tomato. don't joke with security. >> no. >> stephanie: everyone likes bacon and tomato. our good friend jacki schechner has pneumonia, and i just sent somebody to chloroform her, because she keeping tweeting us and it's like go to sleep. so here is lisa ferguson. >> hey steph. good morning, everyone we're looking forward to another big round of speakers tonight capped off of course by president obama. the star last night absolutely goes to bill clinton. take a look at this. >> the republican argument against the president reelection is actually pretty simple pretty snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough. so fire him and put us back in. [ cheers and applause ] >> clinton spoke for nearly an hour, and as usual he did write the speech h
♪ ♪ ♪n -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. let me be ♪ [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we're on. we're on now, aren't we? >> are we on the air? >> stephanie: you almost said something inappropriate. sexy liberal aisha tyler, voice deity jim ward. we were talking about aisha way up here fancy hotel, obama surrogate. can i tell you that jim ward actually helped me apply my false eyelashes, that's the extent of our staff. and do somebody do a bang trim during the break. >> it is humid here. the backs of my knees are sweating. >> stephanie: literally there are people fleeing from north carolina to another state because we are not the only ones in a crack hotel. >> where is eisenberg when you need them. >> stephanie: all of the glamor of the dnc. and you again were picked up at the airport by a fancy handler, i was picked up by the guy who owns this show and is trying to kill me for the life insurance money. i was like i could have taken a cab. and he is like oh know. >> the lobster was fabulous. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we were just talking about how the dnc had
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello current tv land. here we go. oh dear, jacki schechner more bad news for mitt romney. the cbs poll not good news. although romney says the polls in ohio were wrong. >> we'll get into that. >> stephanie: don't spoil it all for me right off the bat. >> stephanie: just stop it. >> it is hard. >> stephanie: as you know, the laws of aeronautical engineering are wrong. you can roll a window down at 30,000 feet. >> stephanie: and say wee! stick your head out like a labrador. >> i get excited why the twitter gives me another romney gaffe. it makes my day every hour and a half or so. >> stephanie: just stop it. see? we just foreshadowed her news nuggets. here they are in their glory. >> that's a euphemism. but go ahead. >> stephanie: whatever. jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning everybody. if you're looking for a little more intention from president obama, you know what you have to do, beat ohio. he's got campaign events in bowling green state universit
and this is the "stephanie miller show." good golly we have missed stephanie all week. she'll be back on monday but if y'all have had such a horrible week of missing steph, allow me to recommend to you the best thing you'll see on your television all weekend. current tv has done a documentary on the sexy liberal comedy tour filmed in madison, wisconsin, and other places and that will air tonight at 9:00 pm on current tv. it features stephanie. i'm in it hal sparks is in it. aisha tyler is in it. some of the fans are in it. and it will give you a tiny idea of what it is like to be in the % audience. if you go there you will actually be scraping stephanie dna off of you. and let's go to your calls right now. i want to get a muslim's perspective of what is going on but first januarys that is calling from wisconsin. >> caller: good morning, last night my sixth grade son told me he is runs for president of his school. and my husband and i were like that is so cool. and we were like what are your issues? what do you care about? and he goes i just want to be president. and his husband said it's
. >> john: we'll be right back taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. this is the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. [ male announcer ] the inventors of twix had a falling out, so the production of twix was divided between two separate factories. left twix factory cascades caramel and chocolate onto cookie, while right twix factory flows caramel and chocolate onto cookie. today they share nothing but a wrapper and a driveway. try both and pick a side.
[♪ theme music ♪] >> john: this is the "stephanie miller show" on current tv. good morning i'm john fugelsang filling in for stephanie all morning. and it's time to go over to jacki schechner at the current news room west coast. good morning, jacki. >> good morning, john. good morning, everybody. just moments ago the president and first lady gathered on the south lawn to honor a moment of silence in honor of the september 11th attacks. this afternoon president obama will head to walter reid medical senator where he will meet with wounded warriors and their families. both mitt romney and paul ryan have released statements in commemoration of this tragedy. romney promises we as a nation will never forget paul ryan extends his gratitude to the military and mentions first responders who are still suffering in new york. federal health officials have added 58 new types of cancer to the list of covered illnesses for those exposed to toxins at ground zero. coverage for treatment and care is available to first responders within 30 days. the port authority and sep
) stephanie johnson, come on down. ( cheers and applause ) you are the first four contestants on "the price is right!" and now, here's your host, drew carey! ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: nice to see you. hey, welcome to the show everybody! nice to have you on "the price is right," good luck to everybody! george gray, everyone! >> george: hi, drew! hi, everybody! >> drew: it's celebrity charity week on "the price is right." a celebrity is going to be playing along with all the contestants today, helping you out. we're going to find out who that celebrity is in a minute, but first, george, the first prize please. >> george: it's a new laptop computer! ( cheers and applause ) the incredibly thin apple macbook air is light enough and strong enough to take with you wherever you go. features a 128-gigabyte flash storage drive and four gigs of memory so it performs quickly and springs to life instantly! >> drew: it goes whoever bids closest to the actual retail price without going over. kristin, we're going to start with you. >> i'm going to say $1,100. >> drew: $1,100,
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> john: this is "the stephanie miller show." good morning. i'm john fuglesang. i'll be filling in for steph all week in spite of a very angry letter from michelle obama. i'm delighted to be here. we have great guests lined up today and all week long. really what matters most is that you the current viewer get your news from the only channel that matters and the only news girl that matters of course, i'm talking about the luminous and brilliant jacki schechner. good morning jacki. >> good morning, john, how are you? can you hear me? maybe he can't hear me. good morning everybody. there is no viable path to the presidency for mitt romney that does not include ohio and new poll numbers show that he's now losing to president obama in the key battleground state. the president holds a 5-point lead, this according to the public policy polling which is a democratic leaning outfit. but what's important about this is that mitt romney's campaigning in ohio today and at this point in the game, the num
wonder if stephanie cutter the garbage that's spewing out of her mouth. she seems to think women won't bat an eyelash over the dreadful first four years of the obama presidency. women are going to forgive and forget and say, please, please, please. michelle malkin will tee off on that ridiculous idea straight ahead. it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fe
and in a few minutes we'll hear from the obama campaign stephanie cutter and aren'ty chairman ryan. first to my first reads of the morning, two hours of them today. the president lays out his best case for a second term here on thursday night. while mitt romney's task in tampa was to get voters to get to know him and like him, the president must persuade the country to have faith in him. despite an unemployment rate that remains stubbornly above 8%, he hoped to cure, campaigning on sunday, he said the republican convention was like a time warp blasting romney is out of touch. >> it was a rerun. it could have been on nick at night. we've seen it before. you might as well have watched it on a black and white tv with some rabbit ears. those ideas don't work. they didn't work then. they won't work now. >> and the president previewed the themes democrats will focus on this week in charlotte. >> thursday night i'm going to offer you what i believe is a better passport. a path that will grow this economy and create more jobs and strengthening the middle class. and the good news is, you get to choose t
, commissioners. aaron, katherine stephanie from supervisor's office is here to speak about the ordinance. i will let her speak before i do my presentation, thanks. >> good afternoon, commissioners. katherine stephanie for supervisor mark beryl's office. * this is before you after supervisor weiner's legislation passed, consolidating many of the restaurant definitions that. inadvertently changed the liquor license controlled in the union street neighborhood commercial district, so this legislation does two things. it reinstates those controls and requires a conditional use for limited restaurants, which is a new restaurant definition. we met with the union street merchant association and golden gate valley association, which is the neighborhood association that represents most of the homeowners in the union street neighborhood commercial district. everyone agreed on both these points. we have long fought for these controls. they have been in place for quite some time. they want them to continue. i notice that in aaron's report he mentions that it was never the intent to erase the controls t
, the harm's been done to kate, her family and her privacy. tonight nbc's stephanie gosk shows us just how easy that can be. >> reporter: these days, more clothes are better than less if you're a member of the royal family. although, william doesn't look entirely comfortable in that grass skirt. as the prince and princess swayed their hips on the tiny polynesian island of tuvalu today, the unnamed female photographer behind those risque snaps faces a possible criminal trial. so how did she do it, standing over a half mile away from the french chateau? this morning on "today," photographer and former paparazzo james ambler showed us it isn't actually that difficult. >> he's at a promenade in brooklyn heights overlooking lower manhattan. his subject, stephanie gosk, more than half a mile away. >> reporter: ambler used a 600 millimeter lens, something called a dub letter and a pretty fancy camera. even on a muggy, rainy day, this is what he could see. thankfully i was modestly dressed. >> if you do anything out in the public eye, you always have to imagine there's a camera on you. because unf
home without a prescription. >> reporter: stephanie used to dread this time of the year. >> there were times, literally sitting up right. the pain was intense. >> reporter: like most people stephanie said every time she went to the doctor with a sinus infection, she came home with antibiotics. starting this year, that's likely to change. >> for the have the majority of people we give antibiotics, it's not providing the benefits. >> reporter: in fact, it's making things worse. he says up to 90% of sinus infections are caused by a virus so antibiotics are no help at all. for decades doctors prescribe them anyway. now some bacteria are becoming dangerously drug resistant. >> we are creating a race of super bacteria. >> reporter: new guidelines are in place discouraging doctors from overprescribing antibiotics. instead, dr. dodd said to first treat your sinus infection with an over-the-counter salt water rinse f your face -- rinse. if your face changes, go to the doctor. >> seek medical attention early but to go with an open mind -- >> reporter: chances are you may not get an antibiotic. s
will tour storm damage. that is something romney did on friday. natalie. >> chuck todd, thank you. stephanie cutter is president obama's deputy campaign manager. stephanie, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> let me begin with starting with the central question on people's minds, that is are we better off today than we were four years ago when president obama was elected? >> absolutely. let me just walk you through what life was like four years ago right now. in the six months before the president was elected, we lost 3.5 million jobs, wages had been going down for a decade, auto industry on the brink of failure. our financial system, this is just about the time you're seeing banks go under. all over america middle class families were feeling it. they have been feeling it for over a decade. let's take a look where we are today, losing 3 million jobs in the six months before we took office, lost 800,000 jobs the month the president took office. today we've created 4.5 million private sector jobs, the auto industry. today is the number one auto indust
. >> republicans. government so small it can fit in your vagina. (vo) featuring stephanie miller and friends, in the funniest political comedy tour in america. >> fox news is like a mecca for people who hate mecca. (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels. >> eliot: after another disappointing jobs report which featured a further drop in the workforce participation rate now a 30-year low the economy appears to be reaching a stalled speed. ben bernanke announcing an easing to qe 3. this time it will remain open until they believe the crisis has been addressed. in the next few months they'll buy $40 million in mortgage-backed securities and maintaining the current low interest rates through 2015. the feds action gave mitt romney an easy chance to shift the answers back to the economy. >> what bernanke is saying is what the president is saying is wrong. the president is saying progress is coming and the economy is coming back. bernanke is saying no it's not. we have to pr
. terrorist. terrorism. later, president obama's campaign, chief campaign spokesperson stephanie cutter says women don't really care about the last four years. >> that is the other thing that you find most often with women. they're not really concerned about what is happening in the last four years. >> eric: andrea and dana may have a thing to say about that. you hear from them next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behav
of mormon -- >> wait. you didn't the answer question. i wonder if stephanie cutter the garbage that's spewing out of her mouth. she seems to think women won't bat an eyelash over the dreadful first four years of the obama presidency. women are going to forgive and forget and say, please, please, please. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay ale... but feel alive. is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks
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to that. we'll talk to stephanie cutter as well. bill: romney team responding now, to the former president saying in the statement the following, quote, president clinton drew a stark contrast between himself and president obama tonight. bill clinton worked with republicans, balanced budget and after four years he could say you were better off. barack obama has not worked across the aisle. he has barely worked with other democrats and has the worst economic record of any president in modern history. president clinton's speech brought the disappointment and failure of president obama's time in office clearly into focus. martha: so we'll have more on that with a stellar run-down of guests we have for you today. we told you about governor sununu. we'll hear from obama for america deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter. we're joined by anchor of "fox news sunday", chris wallace is here with us and former senator evan bayh. bill: nice lineup. here is how the stage is set on the final night of the convention. vice president joe biden, a fierce critic of the republican ticket, drawing criticism
on here? >> sure. let's start with missouri. that's one that mitt romney could win. >> stephanie: up here is the electoral vote tally. so obama at 201 and romney at 191. all of the yellow states are not counted. so missouri, we add him in. that dips him to 191. >> that's a good point to start with. obama has 201 electoral votes. romney only has 181 state electoral votes so romney really needs to make up those votes. in order to make up those 20, he needs to win the majority of these tossup states. right now, we have him projected to win missouri. also north carolina. >> jennifer: north carolina. so north carolina and missouri. those are the two you have him predicted to win. >> that's right. based on current polling. >> jennifer: are all of the others going clearly for obama? >> more or less. so virginia has been flip-flopping back and forth. >> jennifer: what is it today? >> as of this afternoon with the current "wall street journal" poll, it just flipped back to obama. >> jennifer: new hampshire obama. penns
and ask deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter about the obama team's goals. >> ifill: then we examine the challenges ahead for the democrats floor reporter ray suarez talks to pollster andy kohut. >> woodruff: with the festivities here in a southern city, we assess what the party needs to do to win the south in november. >> ifill: and why conventions can be an important organizing tool. hari sreenivasan reports on the effort to win battleground north carolina's 15 electoral votes. >> woodruff: plus gwen and i will be joined here tonight and every night this week for insight and analysis from newshour regulars mark shields and david brooks. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corp
with an october surprise? let's welcome stephanie cutter. it's going reasonably well for you guys. it's been a good couple weeks, really since the conventions. you've got a bit of momentum but i guess you're not taking this too complacently. >> no, absolutely not, piers. you know, debates can be a pivotal moment in campaigns. i remember eight years ago when john kerry was getting ready to debate george bush, we were eight points down. coming out of that first debate we were tied with george bush. so there is an opportunity for mitt romney if he takes advantage of it next wednesday night, to turn the momentum around. he not only has to win this debate but has to change the dynamics in this race. we know he's going to show up prepared, disciplined and aggressive, even tim pawlenty said that he's as good as it gets when it comes to debating. but the question is whether or not he's going to be able to talk to the american people specifically about what his plans are for this country. that's been a huge deficit for him over the course of this campaign. no specifics, no details. so i think that is
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 475 (some duplicates have been removed)